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"He wants one of your wooden matches/ said
the interpreter.

"What for?5 asked the trader.

"He says he wants to put that handful of powder
on the floor and light It and see if It Is good pow-
der before giving you any of his robes for it.*

The trader's face turned ashen. He threw the
box of matches he was holding at the Interpreter
and shouted: 'Run! And let nothing stop you
until you throw them Into the creek!'

But before the Sukslseoketuk could make a
remark,, our chief raised his hand to the Interpre-
ter and with a chuckle In his throat^ he said:

'Stay! Tell the white man that the Blackfoot
likes a little joke3 too. Tell him that when the
Blackfoot goes on the war-path he pulls off his
clothes and paints himself. Now, let him tell us
how much of this powder he will give us for each
buffalo robe-—and we will want some blankets,

Summoning a smile3 the trader said:

*We heard last night that you were marauding
Indians—some prospectors told us that you had
raided their cookhouse. But it seems that there
is a mistake about this.5

Whereupon^ the Sukslseoketuk Interpreter
laughed and told the trader what had happened
with the Chinese cook. He laughed hard at this
odd happening* And then he said: